Don’t Just Settle for Good – Expect Amazing!

I saw Coldplay earlier this summer at MetLife Stadium.  It wasn’t just a concert, it was an experience. 

Red and white fireworks lit up the night sky as the band played their first song, the smell of sulfur announced a celebration!  Giant balloons floated above the packed stadium crowd.  At the entrance all concert goers were given a LEED bracelet which pulsed with different colors throughout the concert.  And when lead singer Chris Martin sang “Yellow,” not only did our bracelets turn yellow, illuminating the whole stadium in a golden hue, but star-shaped confetti fell from the sky like giant snowflakes.  It was magical.  

All these “extras” made a good concert an amazing show!  At Whimsie Luxury Travel, I  don’t just book a vacation, I collaborate with you to personalize your experience. Corner rooms, extra fluffy pillows, directions to a secluded beach, a private wine tasting, room upgrades, champagne upon arrival, an after-hour tour of a museum – perks like these turn a good trip into an extraordinary vacation.

Like an amazing concert, travel makes us feel alive, rejuvenated and engaged –  isn’t that we are all craving right now?

Do you have tickets for your next great experience?  If not, give me a call at 917-270-2488 and let me show you what it’s like to travel as a VIP!