Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, travelers can’t book travel the way that we can book travel. Whimsie Luxury Travel’s clients benefit from our unmatched industry relationships and vetted preferred hotel partners, trusted tour operators and reliable transfer companies. 

Providing expert guidance and custom curated itineraries, we have comprehensive travel resources at our finger tips, resources not available to the average traveler.

Our clients feel secure when they travel to new destinations because we know intimately who and where they are traveling.  That sense of peace of mind while traveling can’t be found online.

Virtuoso is the leading global network of luxury travel advisors, premier hotels, top-notch tour operators and tourism boards.  This membership-only organization harnesses the power of the collective to allow its membership to provide travelers with exclusive benefits and privileged access to the world’s best hotels, tours and destinations.

We specialize in curating custom and detailed luxury travel itineraries.  The pricing for these experiences is based upon various factors, including the destination, the duration of the journey, the time of year, and the number of travelers.

Excluding airfare, our clients typically embark on their vacation with a starting rate of $1,000 per day per person. 

Ultimately, the best time to book your travel depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the specific details of your trip.  With that said here are three timelines to consider:

Eighteen to 12 months in advance:

  • Allows travelers to have access to the best rates in hotels and for airline tickets
  • Best for travelers who want to vacation in high demand areas, i.e. Italy, Caribbean, Hawaii
  • Ample time for travelers who want to travel during peak seasons, like holidays or major events (Olympics in Paris – Summer 2024)
  • A must for Villa rentals
  • Groups of six or more require more space and detailed logistics
  • Big celebrations like anniversaries and birthdays

Twelve to 6 months in advance:

  • Standard booking for most trips
  • Ideal time to secure best rates and prime availability

Three months to 2 weeks in advance: 

  • Cutting it close. Travelers may not have best options
  • Good time frame for weekend getaways

As the world gradually rebounds from the global pandemic, a combination of factors is causing airfare prices to rise. Inflation, staffing shortages, and soaring oil prices are all contributing to this issue. Furthermore, the demand for international travel is reaching unprecedented levels, and the airlines are fully aware of this trend. Unfortunately, at this moment, there doesn’t appear to be any resolution for the escalating cost of air travel.

Can you afford to miss your trip and lose your vacation investment if something goes wrong due to illness, weather, or unforeseen circumstances?

We are big advocates for travel insurance, especially in today’s unpredictable times. We firmly believe in being prepared rather than being caught off guard, as your vacation is an investment of both your time and money.

As an affiliate of Avenue Two Travel, we have a partnership with Allianz Travel World Protection to offer our travelers top-tier travel insurance options. We can provide you with coverage for various aspects of your trip, including trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delays, baggage loss or damage, baggage delay, and emergency medical and dental expenses.

It’s important to note that relying solely on your credit card’s “Travel and Emergency service” may not offer comprehensive protection. We strongly recommend carefully reviewing the fine print on your credit card policy, while it may provide assistance with aspects like contacting doctors, arranging transportation home, or handling luggage, it may not cover many other potential expenses. Your peace of mind during your travels is our priority, and we’re here to ensure you have the protection you need.

We do not book any travel using credit card points and award miles.

Clients have the privilege of making up to three modifications to the initial itinerary at no extra cost. However, any subsequent changes will result in an additional charge of $50 per hour for each modification.

We acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances can arise in life. Nevertheless, in the event that a client chooses to cancel their trip after considerable time has been invested in planning, a trip cancellation fee of at least 10% of the total vacation cost will be applied.