I believe travel is food for the soul. Travel is an escape from our daily lives. Yes, vacations are an indulgence in life, but a necessary one. Life is busy, filled with responsibilities. It is a luxury to take time for yourself. I believe a vacation is an investment in you. 

How We Work

Whether you hunger for an authentic travel experience or simply want to relax on an island far from your daily life, Whimsie Luxury Travel can get you to where you want to go! 

Whimsie Luxury Travel provides creative and detailed travel planning for the vacation experience that you desire. Guiding our clients through the complexities of travel, our personalized service offers travelers the security and support they need to escape, explore and relax.


We begin by having a conversation to explore your travel preferences and your vacation objectives. Our process is collaborative, we take the stress and headaches out of travel planning so that you can enjoy the process.


Based on our initial conversation, Whimsie Luxury Travel researches and designs an itinerary, piece by piece. At this stage, we continue to work together exchanging ideas and research.


Once you approve the itinerary, we will book your vacation with our trusted and preferred partners.


Before departure, we stay in touch with you. We send restaurant recommendations, books and articles to read, movies to watch, podcasts to listen and websites to browse about your destination.


Vacation Time!


Upon return, the dish: How was your trip? What’s next on your bucket list? 

Planning Fee

Whimsie Luxury Travel charges a Vacation Management Fee. Please note that this fee is separate from the cost of the trip and is nonrefundable. 

After Whimsie Luxury Travel assesses the complexities of the trip, the number of travelers, and the time frame of travel, a fee will be quoted to the client. 

Whimsie Luxury Travel will always advise clients of the fee at the beginning of the travel planning process. 

Once the fee has been paid in full, Whimsie Luxury Travel begins the planning process. The fee covers extensive time spent researching, corresponding with preferred partners, creating a detailed schedule, building a digital itinerary, and managing the vacation from start to finish. Clients have the luxury to make three changes to the original itinerary. Any changes after will incur an additional charge. 

Should a client decide to cancel their trip after extensive time spent planning, the client will be charged a trip cancellation fee of at least 10% of the total cost of the vacation.