New Year: Six Amazing Journeys for the New Year

January is a perfect time for new journeys.  After all, January was named after the Roman god Janus, the god of new beginnings.


I am embarking on a-once-in-a-lifetime journey to South Africa this February!  Traveling with a group of advisors from Avenue Two Travel, our premier partner Africa Inscribed will escort our group from Johannesburg to three game reserves including Kruger National Park and will finish in Capetown.  I am beyond excited for my 10-day sojourn! Stayed tuned!

Talk about journeys:   I received a call last Fall from a client who wanted to visit her son in Thailand.  Working with a partner based in Thailand, Trails of Indochina, we crafted an exciting 14-day immersive experience of Thai history, culture and food.  Currently in Thailand as I write, the family’s adventure started in the northern mountainous cities of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, then to Cambodia to explore the ancient Hindu temple Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. This past weekend they  relaxed on the white sand beaches of Phuket.  And this week, they will end their travels in Bangkok, taking in the sights, sounds and tastes of this major metropolis. 

The Chinese philospher Lao Tzu once said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  

As you contemplate the new year ahead of you, what stands in the way of you taking “that journey”, that once-in-a-lifetime trip? 

  • Are you overwhelmed by the research and planning? 
  • Do you not have the time to plan? 
  • Do you simply want someone else to plan for you? 

If your answer is yes to any one of these questions, call me and I will make sure that journey happens for you!

Six over the top experiences that may spark your interest or at least get you thinking about your own trip!
  • Electric bike through ancient forests and winding rivers along the French/German border, tasting the culinary treats of the Alsatian region of Northern France.
  • In July take a break from the heat, ski the snow-capped Andes mountains in Chile – a rite of passage for many ski enthusiasts.
  • Explore Japan on the sleek Shiki-shima luxury train.  Sleep in an ancient temple in Kyoto.  Stroll through the springtime cherry blossoms in Tokyo.
  • Voyage across the infamous Drake passage to Antarctica on a luxury cruiseliner. Encounter orcas, humpback whales, seals and penquins along the way. Literally escape to the end of earth.
  • Trek through the soft-mists of the velvet-green slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes in Rwanda to observe the majestic mountain gorilla.
  • Sail, hike, kayak through the glorious fjords of Norway. Take in the mesmerizing force of nature – towering waterfalls, snowcapped mountains, sheer cliffs and soaring birds. Enjoy top-notching fishing. Taste and revel in all that Norway has to offer.

Isn’t it time to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip of which you have always dreamed?