Whimsie Luxury Travel Sustainability Travel Pledge promises to work with suppliers who:

  • Engage with their communities, support local organizations, respect local cultures and celebrate local customs 
  • Use cleaning chemicals that are not toxic to the local environment
  • Minimize waste, and proper disposal of recyclables and single-use plastic packaging
  • Source local foods, furniture, goods, art 
  • Employ the local community

As travelers we all must help preserve the destinations we love and must adhere to the three main pillars of sustainable travel:  

  • Supporting local economies
  • Celebrating local cultures and
  • Protecting our planet

Whimsie Luxury Travel stands strong with the travel industry to support sustainable tourism and its principles to protect the world’s natural resources.  

When travelers explore natural wonders around the globe, they gain a greater appreciation for the planet.  They learn about the environment’s fragility and gain a greater importance to preserve the Earth’s beauty.

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